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29 November 2010 @ 06:12 pm

This journal is going to be FRIENDS ONLY. 
To be added, just comment this post :)
10 May 2010 @ 03:42 pm
Ok, I read the first book some months ago, and I definetely felt in love.
Waiting for October, when Whisper (this will be the title in Italian edition) will be released in my country, why not attending a genuine m_stiefvater contest?

Let's spread this amazing book trailer:

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11 January 2010 @ 11:17 pm
In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it!

Re-post this on your LJ if you know someone who has, had or has been affected bycancer.
93% WON'T even take the time to copy&paste this. Will you?

05 January 2010 @ 09:47 pm
Little advice.

i'm part of the fantastic world of the Bewliers! (#13), and we're supporting a voting campain to reach a goal:

make CHARLIE BEWLEY as Mister Twitter...

Voting is simple:

- you don't need a twitter account
- write alchemission and submit
- you can vote every 20 minutes

c'mon, why are you waiting? let's support mister BEWLEY!

here ---> http://tweeter.faxo.com/Mr_Twitter/2010/01

special thanks to:
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